Course calendar and assignment schedule

Below, you’ll find our calendar for the semester’s work.

The calendar is public, so if you’re using Google Calendar, you can click the button to subscribe; if you do, any changes made here will automatically be pushed to your account. In any case, please be sure to check the calendar regularly. Though I’ve planned the semester out carefully, sometimes the unexpected occurs, so there may be some minor changes along the way.

You will note that the calendar is reasonably detailed through late September. Readings for the unit on immigration have not yet been determined, and beginning in late October, there aren’t even topics listed. This is by design. Given current political discussions of immigration, it’s too soon to set the readings for that topic. Since you will help to set our topics and readings for the last part of the semester, I don’t yet have any idea what to assign. That makes it all the more important that you check the calendar frequently.

There is no final examination in this course.